Modra Technology

Shearing System

Create professional samples that are a cut above the rest

Modra Shearing System ST1000 ST500 ST120
  • Level or tip-shear samples in minutes 
  • Three models to suit your workspace 
  • Suitable for both Axminister and tufted samples

Modra’s range of sample-shearing machines are designed to produce professionally sheared samples to suit your workspace.

The ST1000 is a freestanding machine with a high-powered vacuum system to hold down and extract dust for safe, clean cut-pile samples. This machine features precision height-adjustment to 0.1mm to produce perfect samples every time. 

The Modra ST500 is designed to be mounted on your existing work area, while the ST120 is suitable for handheld shearing. 

Model(s): ST1000, ST500, ST120

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