Modra Technology

Mtuft Mini

Single Needle Yarn Sample Machine

Modra Muft MiniSingle Needle Carpet Yarn Sample Machine

Showcase your yarn as high-quality carpet in minutes

  • Quickly turn yarn into a piece of carpet 
  • Suitable for any gauge or stitch rate 
  • Fast turnaround to get ahead of the competition 
  • Quickly check and make adjustments for responsive quality control

Why showcase your yarn as a pom, package or wrap when you can give your customers a high-quality piece of carpet? 

The Mtuft Mini enables you to turn a single package of yarn into a carpet sample. Its versatility means it can be used for quality control, testing and development. 

“Yarn, as it is, cannot speak. But in the form of carpet, its value in terms of touch and sheen is more prominent.”
Yarn manufacturer, India 

Model(s): TMMS 051, TMMSXL 051

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Samples made on the Mtuft Mini