Modra Technology

Mtuft G2

8-Needle Carpet Sample Machine

Mtuft G2 8 Needle Carpet Sample Machine ColorPoint sample

Introducing the Mtuft G2 : the next generation of tufted carpet sampling

  • High quality sampling equal to that of your production machines 
  • Create samples quickly from a single package of yarn per colour 
  • Change from loop to cut-pile with no mechanical adjustment 
  • Suitable for all constructions (including ColorPoint), gauges and stitch rates 
  • Monitor machine performance from your smartphone

Our next generation Mtuft introduces a range of new features based on customer feedback that make the Mtuft easier to use and even more reliable. New features include Micro-Gauge for sampling ColorPoint type constructions, enhanced software control and connectivity, and production LCL and cut-loop gauge parts for improved sample quality. 

Free up your production machines and respond to your customers’ needs with high-quality samples. 

“We save a lot of time on the production machine and we save a lot of yarn by making the samples on the Mtuft.”
Carpet manufacturer, Belgium 

Model(s):    TMS2XL 101, 201, 251

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