Modra Technology

Hollow Needle Mtuft

Create one-of-a-kind rugs and broadloom carpets

Modra Hollow Needle broadloom carpet rugs
  • Turn yarn into high-value products
  • Tuft up to four yarns through a single needle 
  • Software controlled gauge, stitch rate, pile height and needle shift
  • Single or dual yarn feed available
  • Reduce waste by putting your excess yarn to use

Modra’s Hollow Needle Mtuft enables you to control multiple yarns through a single, hollow needle to create uniquely patterned rugs and broadloom carpets. 

Its interface lets you enter simple patterns and needle-shift profiles quickly and easily or import more complex patterns in a range of formats.

Produce one-of-a-kind luxury loop-pile carpet that can then be sheared to create tip-shear and cut-loop effects. 

Model(s): TMHN40, TMHN50, dual colour optional

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