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Carpet Sample Machine

Kibby Axminster Carpet Sample
  • Develop full-size carpet samples in around 80 minutes (G6.300, G5.300, 7×8 Axminster) 
  • Quickly make colour and design changes 
  • Create samples quickly from a single package of yarn per colour 
  • Up to 20 colours in a wide range of densities 
  • Monitor machine performance from your smartphone

If you make Axminster/woven or Wilton-style carpet, you need the Kibby. Transform your product development, presentation and marketing by creating full-sized product samples in next to no time. The Modra Kibby allows for almost infinite design and colour possibilities, freeing up your production machines and enabling you to respond to your customers’ needs quickly with high-quality samples.

“With a single package of yarn, the designer’s creation can be turned into an actual sample quickly and handed directly to the customer.”
Carpet manufacturer, China

Model(s): G6.300, G5.300, G5.200

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Samples made on the Kibby